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Research & Selection

Recruiting is both a search for skills and a selection of talents offering the best performance, the best possible match with the organization’s values, and the most appropriate behavior in each situation.
My 20 years’ experience in EXECUTIVE SEARCH has taught me that it is all about methods (in search and in assessment of executives) and research means. It is step by step in the two main stages of recruitment: the search for and selection of candidates that I build my recommendations to match the needs, the challenges, and the culture of those who place their trust in us.
Therefore, in addition to knowledge of the sector and understanding of the organization and the challenges of the position, we select candidates who add their knowledge and know-how to their skills. Because we know that situational intelligence and posture are also the elements that characterize the best leaders and ensure the best performance of the company.


A process designed for optimal results

To perfectly match the needs and challenges of each of our clients, MIDDLE2TOP opts for a direct approach recruitment methodology integrating the assessment of the Being part of the profile. 

This is broken down into 6 major stages detailed below. This “Funnel Process” is one of the keys to the success of our assignments and enables us to recommend the ideal candidate(s) for the company. A 3D analysis in a way: KNOWLEDGE / KNOW-HOW, SOFTSKILLS AND MOTIVATIONS.


The different stages of the process


Analysis of the organization and the position
Definition of the search strategy
Definition of the profile of research (knowledge, know-how, interpersonal skills)


Setting up the approach strategy and search means
Preparation of approach briefings
Targeting and direct approach of candidates


Analysis of the “Doing” (the hard skills).
Validation of career stages and transitions, understanding of motivations


Analysis of “Being” (the soft skills)
Understanding of the managerial profile (strengths/weaknesses, postures, and shifts)
Areas for development


Final interviews with the client
Taking of references
Support for the final decision (and salary negotiations)


Integration follow-up covering the trial period
Optional: Induction Coaching/Mentoring

Why a “boutique” firm for Executive Searches?

Choosing a “boutique firm” means choosing a partnership relationship with a single contact. The one who recommends is the one who carries out the missions entrusted to him.

Accompanied by an international team of search consultants (based in France and abroad), I conduct all the interviews: the validation of the “Doing” and “Being” to build the final recommendations and present a short list of recommended candidates.

I decided to create my own consulting firm to offer my clients the best of direct approach and selection by assessment. Nearly 20 years of experience in EXECUTIVE SEARCH acquired in France and abroad, with large groups as well as smaller companies and start-ups.

UNDERSTANDING YOU IS THE ESSENCE OF OUR EXPERTISE, without which it is not possible to provide added value. In addition, we must use robust methods to build recommendations that make sense and guarantee the desired level of performance all within a controlled timeframe.