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The history of Middle2Top

MIDDLE2TOP is a “boutique” executive consulting firm in RESEARCH & SELECTION and LEADERSHIP Services. We support our clients, both in France and internationally, with tailor-made services.

Whether it is an issue of research by direct approach or the assesssment of the managerial performance of your leadership teams, MIDDLE2TOP is recognized for its expertise in Executive ASSESSMENT. We have a track record in the following industries:

– Energy
– Mobility & Transportation
– Service Industries 
– Construction & Big Projects

MULTICULTURAL, MIDDLE2TOP is an ideal partner to carry out your trustworthy missions abroad from France with a unique and multicultural interlocutor.All our projects are tailor-made in a real spirit of partnership.


Middle2Top’s expertise


Recruiting is both a research for skills and a selection process of talents. At MIDDLE2TOP, we put in place a SEARCH and SELECTION methodology to recommend the best candidates who perfectly match your needs, your values and your challenges.


MIDDLE2TOP offers you nearly 20 years of experience (with over 900 assessments of executives and senior managers conducted), both in France and internationally, based on a clear understanding of what makes a leader perform and professional use of psychometric questionnaires.


An international dimension

With more than 10 years spent abroad as an expatriate in Brazil and then as an entrepreneur in Peru, I have had the opportunity to work in different languages and multicultural environments.
Married to a Peruvian lady and father of children who grew up abroad, the understanding of cultures has become a daily asset.
“Think global and act local” is a true expertise, naturally added and remains a source of motivation and inspiration at daily work.

We offer you the benefit of our network of partners in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

In Latin America, where we ‘re used to work regularly, since 2014 we have developed a network of search partners so that the research work is done locally, the interviews jointly and the final selection and recommendation by myself.


Some case studies


I was lucky enough to be able to support one of the most complex projects to organize: a football world cup: the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. During 4 years and with a dedicated multicultural team, we have searched and selected the best talents of each areas (Hospitality, Accreditation, Signage, Marketing, Events…) to make this great event happen in the country of “Futebol”. An exciting project experienced from the inside which allowed me to “beef up” my knowledge of the service industry and which I now use to support clients in France and abroad.


For the past 30 years, energy has been at the heart of my professional activity, both in terms of production and distribution. First at TOTALEnergies, then as a recruitment consultant, in France and elsewhere (particularly Latin America), in contact with Oil & Gas, Renewable and Nuclear energy producers, but also with distributors, services providers or engineering companies dedicated to energy solutions that I have been able to develop a recognized expertise in the challenges of this strategic sector, as well as the specific skills it requires.


This is the sector in which I began my career as a manager, firstly for a major car manufacturer, in network management and the management of sales outlets. For the past fifteen years, I have been recruiting executives and managers for the entire mobility sector, including manufacturers, importers and distributors, equipment manufacturers, financial banking, and rental companies.
As a consultant, I have been able to develop a strong expertise in the French market but also internationally, particularly in Latin America where I carried out Executive Search missions in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, and Argentina for the automotive and transport sector.

Successful team leader concept

Developping Leadership Teams’ PERFORMANCE

The famous Latin proverb: “Piscis Primum a capite foetet” (The fish begins to stink by the head (not by the tail)) highlights an essential performance lever for organizations. Too many companies struggle with their transformations by adopting solutions that focus on the organization / process / systems levers, sometimes forgetting that these are the means to a new way of thinking and acting of their teams that generate a sustainable change.

The culture of a management team has a significant impact on the outcome of this gap. As a leader, you are expected to inspire the managerial world to engage your team in a new collective dynamic to achieve the company’s performance goals.

And getting everyone to agree is anything but easy…


With an Executive MBA in Shipping from EM Normandie (Management school), I am very interested in the deep transformations that the industry is undergoing, both in ports and shipping companies. Therefore in 2018, I defended a MBA thesis on performance through soft skills in supply chain management in the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore.
In 2019, I was also able to support the AFD and Grand Port Maritime du Havre as an Senior Advisor in an executive leadership training and HR consultancy projects with the Indonesian port authorities.

Successful team leader concept


In partnership with a firm specialized in cultural transformation, we have developed a program to analyze the functioning of an executive committee (or a management team, or partners), both collectively and individually (a sociological study coupled with a psychometric study of the management team are conducted as an initial diagnosis). Based on this awareness, the team’s roles and behaviors are rethought and collectively realigned with the desired strategy and transformation. Individual assessments complete the program to develop the individual performance of the members of the management team. The next step is to build bridges between the current and the required processes to optimize collective performance and consolidate the transformation.


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